So, this happened on 3/5/17 at William Land Park!  Hilarious! I held a Meetup for our Activities and Sports for the Awesomely Mediocre (ASAM) group.  The turnout was low due to the weather, but those who braved the elements had a blast.  Most people have seen Bubble Ball soccer in some form or another, so I gave them a chance to try it out.

These units are adult size, so anyone less than four feet tall, it won’t work.  There are straps you get yourself in sort of like putting on a backpack. People are a bit hesitant at first, but once they get knocked over, they understand that they can’t get hurt.  It can be jarring, and “size does matter!” People just have to use judgement on how hard to knock over a smaller female for instance. 

This part of my business is still relatively new to me as I learn the dynamics of these bubble units.  What I did learn is that when the ball gets kicked “out of bounds” it’s a good time for people to rest, so no hitting opponents.  It is a workout!  Depending upon your physical condition, you can be gassed after 5 minutes, so knowing that, I made the field dimensions really small.  It’s funny, because there is a “goal” to attain, and that is to kick the ball into the soccer goal!  People forget about that lol! They just start trying to knock each other over!

If you are interested in renting these out and having us plan an outing for your group, visit our page HERE.  These are great for a company outing, a graduation party, or a birthday party! Cheers!